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Prepare For Your Delivery

Ensure a smooth and safe delivery and avoid additional service fees and delays by checking for the following.

Before Delivery Date:

1. Ensure doorways, hallways, etc. that will be in the delivery path have been measured prior to ensure a smooth delivery experience. 

2. Re-check appliance specifications will fit in the desired location.

3. Adult 18+ age must be present at the time of delivery.

4. Please note that our installers do not perform modifications of any kind (electrical, plumbing, floor or cabinet) 

On Date of Delivery:

1. Path to installation should be cleared, ideally before we arrive for delivery. Installation area should be free of furniture, rugs, or any other obstacles to ensure a safe delivery.

2. Outside paths should also be free of obstacles or debris.

3. Ensure all pets are secure while delivery team is on your property.

4. If you selected our haul away services, no need to move the appliance, appliance needs to be empty and disconnected and we will do the rest.  

5. If you did not pre-pay for our haul away services, existing appliances should be disconnected and cleared from the desired location of the new appliance.

Please advise, service delays and additional fees will be applied if these requirements are not met.

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