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Want a chance to win a brand new open box refrigerator?! 50% of proceeds will go to an organization of your choosing! Enter our Raffle Contest today by purchasing a ticket below or sending a Zelle to 520-565-8558! Our Raffle Contest is your chance to win big while supporting a great cause. Don't forget to vote for your favorite organization!

Raffle purchases and voting ends 12.19.23!

All raffle ticket purchases are final, and there will be no refunds, exchanges, returns, or modifications permitted. Winners are responsible for picking up their prize or covering delivery services and associated fees, which may apply.

Red And White Illustrated Raffle Contest Flyer-3.png

Raffle Tickets are $20 a piece! You could be the lucky winner of a nice LG French Door Stainless steel refrigerator! The raffle ends December 19th 2023. We will be going live on December 20th at 6PM! We cannot wait to help an organization in need as well as maybe a family in need of a refrigerator. Remember even if you don't need a new refrigerator there is always someone in need you can gift it to! Lets come together to help our community Tucson!

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